Pics and Videos from the Latest Noise Night

We had a great jam session at one point in the night, which really takes off towards the middle or so.

Bill T Miller took some great photos and wrote up the event on his website:

David Michael Curry came in quietly, set up, and then gave us quite the performance.

Keith Simmons also took a video of me playing around with my mouth harps and a looping pedal. By the time this video had started there were two harp and one didgeridoo loop going on in the background.

Come and join us at the next Noise Night on March 21st at Artisan’s Asylum! We’ll have folks sharing the things they’ve made, jamming out, and you can even work on projects if you want.

One thought on “Pics and Videos from the Latest Noise Night”

  1. lovely noises. the other night my boyfriend and I played around with the voice crusher by moldover and my mario block atari punk console…it felt like we were communicating with a tiny robot alien sitting in our laps. the apc was the heart. the crusher was the brain. but there was also some other part that was less physically describable…like the noises were its spirit, palpably changing the shape of the air and pushing it onto our eardrums to have a haptic pow-wow with our brains.

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